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₹1599 ₹1800

    Gravity-Defying Thrills: Watch in awe as your AIR CHARGER vehicle conquers a full 360-degree loop with air-powered speed.

    Air-Powered Action: Pump and release for instant acceleration without batteries or cords.

Product Description:

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping adventure with the AIR CHARGERS G FORCE LOOP, where speed, power, and gravity-defying stunts collide to create an experience like no other. This high-performance racing set is designed to provide hours of heart-pounding excitement for racers of all ages.

Key Features:

1. Gravity-Defying Loop: The centerpiece of the AIR CHARGERS G FORCE LOOP is its jaw-dropping, full 360-degree loop-de-loop! Watch in awe as your AIR CHARGER vehicle defies gravity, blazing through the loop with lightning speed and precision.

2. Air-Powered Speed: Say goodbye to traditional batteries or charging cables. Our AIR CHARGERS vehicles are powered by air! Simply pump the included air charger, and you're ready to unleash lightning-fast acceleration and breathtaking jumps.

3. Versatile Track Design: Construct your own custom racing tracks with the easy-to-assemble pieces provided. Create thrilling layouts that challenge your racing skills and provide endless entertainment.

4. Durable Build: Built to withstand the most daring stunts and high-speed races, the AIR CHARGERS G FORCE LOOP is crafted with durability in mind. Race, crash, and repeat without worrying about wear and tear.

5. Exciting Vehicle Designs: The set includes a high-speed AIR CHARGERS vehicle with eye-catching designs. Collect them all to experience a variety of racing styles and personalities.

6. Indoor and Outdoor Fun: Whether you're racing in the living room or competing in the great outdoors, the AIR CHARGERS G FORCE LOOP is designed for both indoor and outdoor play, making it a versatile choice for all seasons.

7. Educational Fun: Beyond the thrill of racing, this set promotes problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination as kids build and modify their tracks.

8. Perfect for All Ages: While kids will be thrilled by the high-speed action, the AIR CHARGERS G FORCE LOOP is a hit with the young at heart as well. Enjoy exhilarating races and stunts with friends and family.

Experience the heart-pounding excitement of air-powered racing with the AIR CHARGERS G FORCE LOOP. Whether you're a seasoned racer or a newcomer to the world of extreme stunts, this set offers endless fun and unforgettable thrills. Challenge yourself to conquer the loop and create your custom track designs for endless racing adventures.

Join the ranks of thrill-seekers who have already discovered the action-packed world of AIR CHARGERS. Elevate your racing experience to new heights with the G FORCE LOOP set, and prepare for a gravity-defying journey like no other.

Order your AIR CHARGERS G FORCE LOOP today and embark on a thrilling adventure filled with high-speed races, jaw-dropping stunts, and non-stop excitement!

Material Plastic
Type Plastic
Age 1 to 5 Year
Character Unknow

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